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More and more real estate professionals are encouraging - even requiring - home buyers to invest in a home inspection before they purchase a property. A growing number of real estate agents area even suggesting prelisting inspections to sellers. The reason for these trends is simple: Home inspectors are a win, win for everyone involved in the transaction. 

Buyers learn about property up front so they can proceed with greater confidence and peace of mind. Sellers, especially those who've had a prelisting inspection, benefit from a faster sale with fewer surprises as closing nears. Finally, the estate agent, closing attorney, and finance and insurance professionals benefit from the more efficient transactions with less chance for unpleasant, and sometimes costly, post-closing problems. 

Many homebuyers believe that a brand new home is a worry free home. But even the best homebuilders make mistakes and that is where Doug Davis Inspector Services can help. My impartial inspection can disclose items in need of repair to reduce buyer remorse after they purchase their new home. At Doug Davis Inspector Service of Lubbock, TX I have a commitment to customer satisfaction and helping my clients feel confident about their new purchase. 

I provide same day electronic reports in PDF format that you can view or file with ease so you will have something to refer to as you complete the process of buying your next home in Lubbock Texas.

Items inspected


Roofs, attic structure, pier and beam crawl spaces, walls interior and exterior, doors, windows, doors, ceilings, floors, and  foundations


HVAC system, duct system, built in appliances, and power exhaust fans


Service panels, outlets, lights, and fans


Faucets, drains, water system test, gas line test, and water heater

Termite inspection

As an entomologist, I see termite issues and problems in several homes.Termite infestations can be devastating to the structure of the home and can be very expensive to treat. I like to take the opportunity to educate home buyers on the damage termites can cause and the actions to take to prevent getting them. 


I highly recommend doing a termite inspection in conjunction with your home inspection. I am licensed to do both inspections at the same time as most inspectors do not have this capability. Contact me today for all of your termite inspection needs!


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